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Dr.Varalakshmi Public School is in the midst of a serene 12 acre setting in S.Kota, and prides itself on providing an all-round education in a caring and stimulating environment. The school offers a holistic curriculum in the context of a rapidly globalizing educational system from KG to Grade X and is affiliated with the CBSE Board in New Delhi.

The school’s steady focus has been on providing a traditional and moral value-based education to students. Our objective is to harness the untapped potential of our students, with an emphasis on individualistic attention for each student in order to nurture their diverse capabilities.



Dr. Varalakshmi grew up in a small town and received her preliminary education in her mother tongue, but the sudden transition to English as the medium of instruction for higher studies did not deter her. By sheer will and determination, she went on to graduate with a bachelor’s in medicine from the prestigious Andhra University, and later pursued her post-graduate degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the same.

In spite of her hectic and long work hours as a doctor, Dr. Varalakshmi has made time for all her social service in her hometown. Over the past two decades, she has helped many people struggling with substance abuse, particularly alcohol, by establishing deaddiction and rehabilitation centers. These centers take in people for an extended period of time to help them with alcohol abuse and offer counseling sessions pro bono. Twice a year, she also runs free health camps in remote areas for the underprivileged


Mr. Prasad is a graduate of Law but has been working as a management professional for the past 30 years. Under his aegis, a multispecialty hospital has flourished and has become the preeminent facility for OB/GYN and Orthopedics in the vicinity of Srunagavarapukota. A passion for education saw him foray into the educational sector along with his wife, Dr. Varalakshmi, who shares his passions and values.

Despite the rapid technological development and modernization of the society, Mr. Prasad believes that our traditional values and morality are compatible with progress and development. He undertook this enterprise to realize that belief and render his service to the society by grooming children to be attentive to our traditions and values while at the same time preparing them for the fast-track world of today.

Our Infrastructure


The sprawling campus of DVLS spreads across 10 acres abutting the National Highway, providing great ventilation and natural light throughout the day. Nestled away from the cacophony of the town amidst fields, the campus provides a serene atmosphere for the students. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with state of the art edu-technology.

Diverse students walking downstairs from university


Our classrooms are a spacious 28X32 ft. size with large windows in each classroom creating an airy and bright environment that is conducive to the development of your child. To supplement our traditional learning methods, each of our rooms are also equipped with a projector for interactive digital learning methods that are used daily.

Empty Rustic Themed Lecture Room
Books on Brown Wooden Shelf

Library & Lab Facilities

We have a huge repository of books covering diverse subjects and topics to supplement the classroom instruction.

Our campus has modern and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, and computer labs in spacious rooms that give our students the practical and hands-on experience necessary for a thorough understanding of the subjects.

Academic Program

Our academic program is designed to continually assess the academic progress and extracurricular participation of our students. We take utmost care to ensure that all students receive more than adequate attention and help in their academic pursuits. Wherefore, our periodic appraisals reflect that philosophy in the form of two Formative Assessments (FA) and a Summative Assessment (SA).

Formative Assessments emphasize the holistic development of the students by incorporating a short test, an individual activity, and a group activity. On the other hand, Summative Assessments (SA) mid-year and at the end of the year lay strict emphasis on the scholastic progress of the student, thus striking a balance between academic and co-curricular development of the students.

In addition to these periodic assessments, PTA meetings keep the parents abreast of their children’s academic progress. The one-on-one PTA meetings provide a comprehensive picture of a student aiding both the parents and teachers in identifying focus areas that need special attention. Further, all evaluations and teacher-remarks can be accessed online using the ID number.


DVLS has a well-ventilated, hygienic, and homely on-campus hostel where students find their home away from home. Two wardens each stay on campus to monitor the students in the girl’s hostel and boys’ hostel respectively.


The hostel schedule is structured for optimal productivity of the students with adequate leisure activities and a rigorous study program.


The dormitories are clean and have good ventilation.


On-campus cook prepares meals with locally sourced fresh produce

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The school transport system has well-maintained safe buses that are GPA enabled to pick up and drop off students and school staff that covers a 50 km radius.

Contact us for more info and to find out whether we cover your area.


Our school has state of the art sports facilities including a full-court basketball court, skating rink, running tracks, kabaddi court, cricket court, badminton court and a football court. Students have Physical Education classes three times a week to build their physical well-being and teamworking skills alongside their peers for a holistic development.

  • doctorate who trains our students and monitors physical and psychological process\
  • Mention book club, chess club, robotics, speech and debate

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Tennu boddavara, Araku - Visakhapatnam Rd, Srungavarapu kota, Andhra Pradesh 535145, India